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Which Backpack Fits Your Personality?

With all of our options for backpacks, it can be difficult to select the one that is perfect for your personality. Take this quiz to find out which one of our five backpacks fits your lifestyle.

 1. The one thing always in my backpack is …
A. A coffee card
B. A notebook
C. A laptop
D. An extra pair of shoes
E. Everything but the kitchen sink

2.  The most essential thing to bring on a road trip is …
A. A good playlist
B. Snacks
C. Nook/Ipad for entertainment
D. A great book (or two)
E. Several cute outfits

3.  I’d describe my style as …
A. Casual and playful
B. Simple and sporty
C. Feminine but practical
D. Fashion-forward yet functional
E. Classic chic

4. My favorite class in school is/was …
A. Photography
B. Exercise Science
C. Math & Science
D. English & Literature
E. Art History

5. On the weekends you'll find me
A. Brunching with my girlfriends
B. Outdoors, exploring new adventures
C. Catching up on my favorite Netflix shows
D. Always on the go — so much to do!
E. Traveling to new places — near or far


Mostly A’s: Small Backpack

Small BackpackYou need a trendy bag that can keep up with your fun lifestyle. The Small Backpack features enough pockets to keep you organized, but won’t slow you down when you’re running around town.


Mostly B’s: Grand Backpack

Grand BackpackYou are no-nonsense when it comes to your bag and need a water-repellent option that is built to last.  The Grand Backpack has all the space you need to pack for activities, yet lightweight enough to wear all day or weekend long.


Mostly C’s: Campus Tech Backpack

Campus Tech BackpackAlways connected, you inevitably know about the latest gadgets and apps. The Campus Tech Backpack has a specific spot for all of your gear and features a trolley sleeve so you can take it on every trip.


Mostly D’s: Iconic Deluxe Campus Backpack

Iconic Deluxe BackpackOur newest style is for the trendsetter of every squad. Everyone looks to you when it comes to fashion, so keep it up by trying a piece from our new Iconic collection. The Iconic Deluxe Campus Backpack puts a modern twist on our classic silhouettes with added functionality.


Mostly E’s: The Rolling Backpack

Rolling BackpackWeekend getaways or cross-country trips, you’re always gone and need a backpack that doubles as a suitcase.  The straps tuck away when not in use and a telescoping handle pops up to transform this backpack into a bag on wheels. Try it on your next trip, whether it’s to commute or to Cabo!


Now that you have the backpack, it’s time to check everything else off your list! Download our printable back-to-school checklist, just in time for the new year.

BTS checklist

How-to: Wear Your Backpack Off Campus

When most people think of backpacks, they immediately think of school. You carried one for years throughout grade school and college and haven’t thought about it since. We may be biased, but we love to wear our backpacks post-grad for weekends, errands and travel. These hands-free styles are convenient, carry everything you need and let you focus on the important things (AKA — your iPhone and iced chai). Vera Bradley Campus Ambassador, Kalynn from Ohio State, is transitioning her style from campus to the workplace. Currently a Digital Marketing Intern for Victoria’s Secret, we talked to Kalynn about the backpack she’s using for her internship and how she’s styling it for the corporate world.

“I’m Kalynn, an incoming senior at Ohio State University and lifestyle blogger at Kalynn Elizabeth. When I started my blog, I discovered my love for fashion and marketing. I enjoy styling, traveling and creating content, which led me to my internship at Victoria’s Secret.”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“This summer, I’m Victoria’s Secret’s Digital Marketing Intern at their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. I am working on some exciting projects that are challenging me in new ways. Every day is different and I love it!”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“The office is about a 30-minute commute. Between working late or meeting up with friends after hours, I’m on-the-go all day and need a bag that can carry A LOT of stuff! Basically, I live out of my bag, which is why I’m carrying the Gallatin Cargo Backpack. I can carry my essentials — a padfolio, notebook, agenda, pens, water bottle, phone charger, wallet and a snack — as well as my trusty umbrella since Ohio weather is so unpredictable. Carrying a backpack is essential to keep my hands free for carrying my coffee and packed lunch!”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“Our office attire is business casual, so I like to keep it simple and comfortable for the workday. I typically wear neutral pieces layered with a blazer and minimal jewelry. These outfits work well to take me from the office to happy hour as easily as shedding the blazer and adding a pair of heels. Keeping it neutral means I don’t have to change work bags, and my backpack will coordinate with everything in my wardrobe!”

how to wear your backpack off campus

“My internship has taught me that the key to confidence is dressing for success. My office style is comfortable but pulled together, so I can focus on my job and not fuss with my outfit. Just add a watch and a killer workbag and you’ll feel like a total girl boss! My experience has also taught me not to be afraid to speak up. Put your heart into your work and people will notice.”

Shop Kalynn’s internship essentials:

Get the look:

Gallatin Cargo Backpack*   |   Travel Mug   |   13 Month Student Agenda

*Available July 27

Define the Design: Iconic Collection

Iconic CollectionWhen our designers begin sketching for a season, they always start with you in mind. Whether you call customer service or leave a comment on Facebook, your excitement, concerns and opinions are heard and influence every season’s product selection. Each season is planned several months in advance (even up to a year) and always begins the same way — how can we improve our products to make our customers even happier? This is how the Iconic Collection was born.

You may have noticed that our Iconic Collection looks familiar and that’s because it’s comprised of all the styles you know and love. This collection focuses on the classic cotton and microfiber silhouettes we’re known for, refreshed for a modern feel with updated quilting techniques and a new wipeable print lining (yes, it’s back!). In the Iconic Collection, you’ll find all the bells and whistles you love — charging accessible pockets, RFID protection on styles with card slips and every pocket and compartment you require to stay organized. In addition, we created new versions called Deluxe styles that include extra features and a special channel quilting technique. We chatted with Merchandise Manager, Kirsten, to get the scoop on the new styles, collection and why it’s worth upgrading to the Deluxe style.

VB: Tell us about the Iconic Collection!

Kirsten: “The Iconic Collection is an exciting new assortment of best-selling styles. We updated these select styles to have a more modern, unified aesthetic through updated quilting, newly printed linings and additional functionality.”

VB: Can you explain why the Iconic Collection was created?

Kirsten: “We wanted to give our customer even more of her favorite styles through a new look and added functionality. We also wanted to further improve the existing functionality to ensure she is getting the best product possible. For example, we added a nylon web strap to the Iconic Mini Hipster making it even easier to adjust!”

VB: New “Deluxe” styles are included in the Iconic Collection. Can you explain the differences between the two?

Kirsten: “The main differences are in the quilting technique and additional functionality. We wanted to give her upgraded versions she can choose from, just like we offer multiple pattern options. Deluxe styles include added features, for example, a padded tablet sleeve and adjustable shoulder straps in the Deluxe Campus Backpack. This chart should help demonstrate the differences, using the Iconic Vera Tote and Deluxe Vera Tote as an example.”

Iconic Collection
Iconic Collection
Iconic Collection

VB: You’ve mentioned the Campus Backpack and Vera Tote — what other styles are offered in the Iconic Collection and also come in Deluxe styles?

Kirsten: “This fall, the Iconic Collection includes: Mini Hipster, Little Hipster, Triple Zip Hipster, Double Zip Mailbag, Small Vera Tote, Vera Tote, Campus Backpack and Lunch Bunch. Even more styles will be added in winter! There are Deluxe versions of the Campus Backpack, the Vera Tote and Small Vera Tote.”

VB: Would you upgrade to the Deluxe styles yourself?

Kirsten: “Absolutely! The Deluxe styles are great for customers who are always on-the-go, looking for a more polished look for a bag that can take them from work to weekend. These styles also make excellent carry-on bags for travel.”

Want to learn more about the exciting updates for fall? Assistant Designer, Molly, shares the details behind the four quilting types and how our heritage had an influence.

Built on Quilt: Meet Our 4 Types of Quilting

Built on QuiltThere’s a buzz happening right now at the Vera Bradley Design Center. Excitement is in the air as we begin to share our new patterns, collections and styles with our beloved customers, both VB vets and newbies. A lot goes into every paisley, strap and pocket you see, and our design team has been working tirelessly to ensure you love the newness and updates of our future collections. One of the notable updates you’ll see in our Back to School and Fall Collections is the variety of quilting designs. We met with Assistant Designer, Molly, to learn more about these different quilting types, why the updates were made and how our heritage affected the stitching styles.

VB: What are the four types of quilting in our line?

Molly: “The diamond quilt is the original you know and love. We now have three additional quilting stitches — the micro-diamond, square diamond and channel quilts.”

Built on Quilt

VB: We’ve always given a lot of thought to our quilting. Can you share a bit about our motivation for expanding those offerings?

Molly: “Our design team felt since we were updating the product to a more modern aesthetic, the quilt should follow suit. Once we took a deep look into what is best for each product, we realized that certain materials or collections looked better in different quilts.”

VB: Is there a method for which stitch is used on what products?

Molly: “Yes! The Iconic, Carson and Change It Up Collections (coming soon) in our Signature Cotton prints are quilted with the square diamond quilt. These same collections in Microfiber and Denim, as well as the Hadley Collection use the micro-diamond quilt. Deluxe styles from the Iconic Collection use channel quilting in both Signature and Microfiber. Our original diamond quilting is being used on styles that haven’t been updated yet in the line, as well as for our Factory Outlet Stores.”

Built on Quilt

VB: Our heritage remains a key part of our brand and products to this day. How has heritage played a role in creating the new quilting types?

Molly: “Vera Bradley is known as a quilted cotton brand, and we didn’t want to change that because it’s something both we and our fans love so much! There are so many aspects of quilting we love — it’s soft and flexible, yet strong and durable. This is a technique that gets passed down through generations, just as the love of Vera Bradley and our bags do. Quilting is stitched into our heritage and brand, not to mention American culture, too!”

VB: Can you tell us about anything exciting you’re working on right now?

Molly: “There are more fun quilts coming out each season, so keep an eye out for them!”

There is a lot to be excited about this season! See for yourself and shop our new arrivals. Look out later this week for all the details on our new Iconic Collection and Deluxe styles.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Sip on some lemonade, cruise with the windows down and crank up “Summer Nights” because the sunniest season of all is in full force. Chilly winds and rainy days are behind us, and we have bucket loads (pun intended) of to-dos for the months when the sun shines brightest. Print or screenshot our ultimate summer bucket list and check them off before the season ends. Our list is made to optimize the long days with fun that starts as early as sunrise and runs into those cool summer nights.

summer bucket list


1. Have a Picnic

You know as well as we do that any sunny and warm afternoon begs for a lunch outdoors. Pack up the sandwiches, carrots, hummus and cookies (obviously), and stroll over to your favorite park to take advantage of the beautiful day.

2. Make Homemade Popsicles

Who said popsicles are just for kids? Fill your summer afternoon with a popsicle-making experiment. Whether your drink of choice is Coca-Cola or orange juice, pour it in a popsicle tray and turn your favorite drink into a delicious summer treat. For a grown-up treat, pour your favorite mixed drink in as a refreshing new twist! We love these popsicle molds.

3. Yoga in the Park

While the quiet and dim-lit aura of a yoga studio may be calming, so is the sunny warmth that hits your skin as you strike a pose in the park. From the lovely greenery to the cool summer breeze, you’ll find yoga in the park brings a different kind of peace and calmness only found during the summertime. Find a local spot to practice this summer.

4. Visit the Zoo

Summer is never complete without a trip to the zoo — where there is no age limit!  Feed the giraffes with your friends or spice up a date night by spending the evening with lions and zebras. Tip: Look online to see if your local zoo has a “zoo brew” — a fun evening filled with plenty of wine and tiger selfies, with proceeds going towards a cause.

5. Take a Road Trip

The summer heat brings the temptation for taking a vacation to a new extreme. If you don’t have enough time to jet off to a destination far away, pack a small travel bag and take an adventure to a local gem. With the radio turned up, your bestie in the passenger seat and a new place ahead of you, there is no better way to spend a Saturday.

6. Rent Stand-Up Paddle Boards or Kayaks

These water sports designated for the summer can be a real workout or a relaxing pastime. Whether you’re putting your arm strength to the test by paddle-boarding or enjoying the view of the lake from your kayak, you can’t go wrong with either activity.

7. Go to a Festival

Whether it’s a local mac n’ cheese fest or Chicago’s Lollapalooza, there is always a summer convention out there that will be just your cup of iced tea. Each year there are new festivals that will either please the palette or the ear. Throw on your summer dress with a hands-free crossbody and wander through a festival near you.

8. Start a Garden

Take your love of home décor outdoors and design a colorful landscape that speaks to you. Gardening makes an especially fun summer-long activity, in which you get to see your flowers grow and blossom before your eyes. Nothing will put a smile on your face like pulling up to your house after a long day of work and seeing the vibrantly-colored garden you created.

9.   See a Drive-In Movie

Drive-ins are a summer classic. There’s no fear of being shushed when you whisper a comment to your girlfriend and homemade snacks not only are allowed but welcomed! Best of all, it’s common for drive-ins to play two movies back to back.
Tip: Drive-ins tend to play films late into the night; our fleece throw blanket is the perfect sidekick to keep you cozy as the temperature drops.

10. Create an Ice Cream Scavenger Hunt

Become the ice cream taste-tester you were always meant to be by making your favorite summer treat into a game. Venture into every ice cream parlor around town until you and your friends have found the ultimate treasure: the best ice cream shop in your city.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Share below in the comments!

Sneak Peek: Falling Flowers

Earlier this week we gave you a sneak peek of our new Painted Medallions collection, but that’s not our only new pattern. That’s right — floral lovers can rejoice! Arriving online and in stores on Thursday, July 6, Falling Flowers is the pretty floral pattern perfect for the height of summer and early fall. Inspired by patches, embroidery and embellishments, this floral features a dark green ground with multiple shades of pop colors throughout the print. If you like to mix your florals, you’ll love Falling Flowers Neutral, available in our Lighten Up fabrication. 

sneak peek: falling flowers
sneak peek: falling flowers
sneak peek: falling flowers
sneak peek: falling flowers
sneak peek: falling flowers

sneak peek: falling flowers

sneak peek: falling flowers

sneak peek: falling flowers

how to wear it: falling flowers
We love the Santa Fé vibes of summer fashion, which is why we love pairing Falling Flowers with neutral hues and breezy fabrics. Our outfit recommendation: a graphic tee with linen joggers — it’s the ultimate uniform of summer paired with those new mules you’re obsessed with and of course, a neck scarf. Your new summer bag should definitely be a crossbody. The Hipster is made for busy summer days when you need your hands free for iced chai and an instant camera.

Style your tech
Dress up your phone, tablet or desktop screen with our new pattern:

desktop downloads: Falling Flowers

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Falling Flowers board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives, online and in stores, on Thursday, July 6!

Sneak Peek: Painted Medallions

We’re nearly halfway through the year and that calls for a wardrobe refresh! Good news — we have new patterns and styles that will transition your wardrobe from summer to fall releasing next week! Arriving online and in stores on Thursday, July 6, Painted Medallions is inspired by the modern look of patches and badges. Composed of a neutral blue ground with bright pops of color, this geometric pattern has an almost 3-D effect. If this color scheme is everything your closet has been craving, you’re in luck. Painted Medallions has two coordinating patterns that you will love — Geo Medallions and Mini Medallions.

sneak peek: Painted Medallions
sneak peek: Painted Medallions
sneak peek: Painted Medallions
sneak peek: Painted Medallions
sneak peek: Painted Medallions
sneak peek: Painted Medallions

sneak peek: Painted Medallions

sneak peek: Painted Medallions
how to wear it: Painted Medallions

With its neutral ground and colorful pops, Painted Medallions will coordinate with your summer wardrobe effortlessly. We love the way this pattern looks with navy, so we recommend pairing it with a simple denim dress. Pick 2 to 3 pop colors from the pattern as your accent pieces for your shoes, jewelry and accessories. Insider secret: the Carson Shoulder Bag is going to be the IT bag for the season, so make sure you scoop it up first and show your friends (and Instagram) what a trendsetter you are.

Style your tech
Dress up your phone, tablet or desktop screen with our new pattern:

desktop download: Painted Medallions

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Painted Medallions board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives, online and in stores, on Thursday, July 6!